Monday, December 13, 2010

Inexpensive Neighbor Christmas Gifts

We are always looking for creative and inexpensive gift ideas for our neighbors and friends. We found clever sayings on everyday items a fun way to spread holiday cheer.
Many of the gifts we bought the day after Christmas for even more savings.

Stuck on what to get your friends and/or neighbors? Here's a few ideas:

  • "Here's to a REaDing Christmas!"-Give a Christmas book or bookmarks.
  • "Hope your holidays are wrap up in love!"- Give a throw or roll of wrapping paper.
  • "May your holidays sparkle!"-Give a box of tinsel.
  • "May the light of Christmas shine on you!"-Give a box of lights.
  • "We Whisk you a Merry Kissmas!"-Give a whisk with a bag of kisses
  • "Our friends are our angels"-Give a tree topper angel or a small one for a nativity
  • "Remember the Reason for the Season"-Give a baby Jesus or a nativity.
  • "Merry Kissmas"-Give mistletoe.
  • "A baby changes everything"-Give baby Jesus or something for a new baby.
  • "Hope your holidays are hot"-Give homemade Salsa and chips
  • "Wrap up your holidays in love" - Give wrapping paper

What ideas do you have to share? What fun gifts have you received?


    Shallee said...

    Cute ideas! I'm horrible about neighborhood gifts, and these are some great ones. I'm probably going to borrow one. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Caroline Ray said...

    Thank you for these ideas. I stumbled on to your blog by a google search. This is great. I will use all of them!

    Renae W. Mackley said...

    This one needs advanced notice (a flyer) to your neighbors but the ideas would be great for next year: One family hosted a bonfire (or whatever your neighborhood code allows) with a singalong and hot chocolate. Each neighbor was supposed to donate the amount they would have spent on neighbors in a sealed envelope. The donations went to the local food pantry.

    Taffy said...

    Shallee, you can borrow as many as you want, just like Caroline :)

    Taffy said...

    Renae, the neighborhood across the street does a similar thing except they bring canned goods for the food bank. It takes a lot of pressure off families holiday finances.

    Linda said...

    One year at the after Christmas sales I got Christmas-y fleece blankets for $3.00. The next year I wrapped a note around them that said, "Fleece Navidad!" and gave them to neighbors. The only bad thing was I had to store bulky blankets for a year but everyone loved them. (Well, they seemed to anyway.) And this year I've already seen inexpensive blankets BEFORE Christmas. Lucky!

    Thanks for your kind words about "Christmas Oranges" in another blog. That was very nice of you!

    Happy week!

    Taffy said...

    Hi Linda! I like the fleece blanket idea!