Monday, November 8, 2010

LUW-Heather Moore- Show Don't Tell

Show, Don't Tell
Showing-Creating scenes
Describe actions of character
Reveling character through dialogue
Use five senses

Using "were" and "was" a lot means your are telling , not showing.

Don't begin book with lengthy description.
Make setting scene short.

When beginning a book, use dialogue, action or thought.

When you read, what do you skim?  Cut out what you skim.
What description is necessary and interesting?
How can you make it so?
What description ups the ante of the conflict?

There are three hooks:
First Sentence/first paragraph- How will you make the reader turn the page?
End of chapter-Why should the reader read the next chapter?
Overall hook-Why should the reader finish the book?

Is show don't tell hard for you?
What do you feel is your writing weakness?

1 comment:

lotusgirl said...

I do like to tell. I'm working on showing more and trusting the reader to get the picture.