Monday, October 25, 2010

LUW-Hero's Journey-Annette Lyon

The Hero:

The audience can identify with him or her.
The hero has to grow through out the story.
The hero is involved in most of the action.
S/He has a character flaw which is sometimes opposite of their strength.
At some point in the story, The hero must make a sacrifice, even their own life.

There is a Mentor in the hero's life.

The Mentor:

Teaches the hero.
Gives the hero a gift.
Motivates the hero
Can be a shape shifter-may not be who the appear to be.
I.E. Obi-Wan (taught Luke, gave him a light saber etc)

Along the journey there are Threshold Guardians.

Threshold Guardians:
Block the hero's way.
Can be a human or object.
Test the hero-can the hero get through the obstacle? Is he worthy?
Can be working for the good or bad side.
I.E. Fluffy from Harry Potter (literally guarded a door), Stormtroopers, poppy field.

The journey needs a herald.

The Herald:
Shows up about 1/4 of the way through the story.
Issues the hero a challenge
Announces coming changes-"All is not well! The world is changing!"
Gives the hero motivation to go on adventure.
Can be a person or object.
I.E. Buzz Lightyear (Andy is changing), Gandolf (giving ring to Frodo), Harry's first letter from Hogwarts.

Every story needs a shape shifter.

The Shape Shifter:
Not what he/she appears to be.
Revealing their "real" self can create big change in the story.
Can be good or evil.
Can be combined with another character type like a herald who is a shape shifter.
I.E. Anakin who shifts into Darth Vader, Mr. Darcy, Wizard of Oz

And every hero needs a nemesis or shadow.

The Shadow:
The villain.
Tests the hero's true abilities and worthiness.
Forces hero to rise to challenge.
Often beautiful, elegant or good.
I.E. Darth Vader, bigotry, natural disasters, The Joker

What hero would be complete without a trickster or sidekick?

The Trickster:
The sidekick.
Helps balance out the drama with a little humor.
Brings things into perspective.
I.E. Bugs Bunny, Merry & Pippin

Wednesday: The hero's actual journey

Read any books recently where the people in the hero's journey were evident? Which book? Which characters?

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