Authors In My Dreams

I was walking up to a cute little house when I met Shannon Hale, James Dashner and his wife walking up to the same house. James stopped and asked what I was doing. I told him I came to visit Heather Moore. He said he'd go with me. Mrs. Dashner and Mrs. Hale went on to the Dashner a basement apartment which was below Heather's house.
Heather was rather embarrassed that we were there to visit her because she thought her house was messy (it wasn't). But there was a black snake in her house which James and I tried to catch and take outside.

I woke up and wondered why in the world I would dream about those three authors! I feel back to sleep and dreamed on:

I was staying at Sarah Eden's house. Actually, quite a few of us were staying with her. There was a conference/carnival/party at her house so we were there for the weekend. I really wanted to change into something cooler because it was hot so I was looking for my extra clothes which I had left on Sarah's coffee table (aren't I a good guest?). Sarah had moved my stuff to set up a display of all her books for the conference/carnival/party. She couldn't remember where she stored my things. Jeff Savage came into the house and said he would help look. I glanced out the window and saw Jessica Day George putting on a green sombrero and then chasing people around the yard, trying to make them wear it.

I woke and again wondered why I had dreamed about three more authors.

What do you think??


T.J. said…
Too. Many. Thoughts.
First thought: Where are Robison Wells, Annette Lyon, and Josi Kilpack? Were they in the next dream?

Second thought: Why is it that I can actually see Sarah Eden having a writers carnival at her house? It just makes sense.

Third thought: I think we need to buy Jessica Day George a green sombrero and have her chase people.

Fourth thought: James Dashner ditched his wife to go with you to catch a snake? I'm curious, did you decide to trap it by putting up a maze?

Final thought: This post made my day! Thanks Taffy
Kimi said…
I think I LOVE your crazy, bizarre, RANDOM dreams!

Going strong since junior high!

Verification Word: infliti

"To INFLITI and beyond!"
Sarah M Eden said…
A writer's carnival, eh? I could totally get into that!
Taffy said…
T.J. I think a green sombrero can be found. I think James ditched his wife because Heather's house was bigger than the cramped one bedroom basement they lived in. There were also snails involved with the snake...
Taffy said…
Kimi! You are the holder of many of my secrets :) Guess what? The house I dreamed about was the 711 house!
Taffy said…
Sarah! Let's talk. Maybe a carnival at the next LDStorymakers?? lol
kbrebes said…
Wow! What a dream! It would be interesting to hear the analysis of your dream from an LDS dream psychologist!
Debbie Davis said…
This is so funny! I wish I had dreams like that, maybe I would if I got to know the authors. But I really loved it. I thought it was really funny, in a great, fun, bizarre way! I think it means we need to have another great conference at story makers and then they all need to be there and act it out for us, or better yet a mini film about it! That would be way fun!
Just My thougths on your great dream! =0)
Angie said…
That's funny. I have bizarre dreams too!
Valerie Ipson said…
Was this a dream in a dream in a dream...? I'm curious what projections these characters brought along with them, like was Dashner projecting the snake?

(Have you seen "Inception"? This will only make sense if you've seen "Inception.")
You must be dreaming, I don't know, about being an author? :)
Rachelle said…
That is hilarious! I think you have a lot about writing on your mind. Your subconscious must be working constantly on your soon to be author famedom. :)
Melanie Sherman said…
I'm so enchanted by the carnival thing and the sombrero that I want to read it as a scene in a book. Heh heh heh.

Fun blog post.

But really, you should keep better track of your clothes.

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