Friday, June 18, 2010

A Few Contests

Need another contest to enter? Or need new books to read? Here ya go:

Shannon Messenger is giving away signed Lisa Mantchev books and swag. Click here to entire before Shannon hyperventilates!

Heather Justesen is giving away BOOKS and more BOOKS to celebrate the release of her book. Click here to enter to win.

Anne Bradshaw is giving away ROADSHOW by Braden Bell here.

Barry Lyga ROCKS! here with signed copies of his books like ARCHVILLIAN.

Do you have a story about a mistake caused by your age? Tell T.J. here and win a book.
Angie has over 200 followers! YIPPEE! And she's giving away books or a critique, so visit her here (BTW, she's awesome!).

Hmmmm...I thought I had a few more to throw here. If I find them, I'll update. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out Countdown to Eclipse Giveaway here, LDS Book Review Countdown to Summer here, and Summer Treasure Hunt here, all with excellent prizes!

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Angie said...

Thanks for the links.