Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Master the Art! LDStorymakers 2010 Pt. 6

I attended Nephele Tempest's class, Writing the Dreaded Synopsis.
Nephele is from the Knight Agency.

Here are a few notes I took:
Start with the bare bones of your story:
Theme-hero's real struggle, growth, quest for prize, overcoming obstacles
Conflict (leads to resolution)
Now fill in with a sentence to each of the above.

Nephele used Star Wars as an example:
Theme: Man vs. authority?
Protagonist: Luke Skywalker
Setting: Galaxy far, far away
Conflict: conflict with family-uncle wants him as a farmer, Luke wants to be in the stars. conflict grows with Luke.
Antagonist: Darth Vader

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salarsenッ said...

I love this post. I've been struggling with my synopsis lately. This is written just how I need it: bare bones. Thanks for sharing. ";-)