Monday, December 7, 2009

Contests and Freebies

Mary's Great House is giving away a Great book on her blog. Family Record Keeper looks like a great way to keep everything together!

C.L. Beck is giving away a signed 2010 Greg Olson calendar!

Michele Ashman Bell is giving away three great books this week. Go take a peek and leave a comment.

Queen of the Clan is giving away "Missing" by Rhonda Hinrichsen.

My Musical Advent Calendar blog has music and videos plus a prize.

A contest everyday until Christmas on LDS Women's Book Review.

You can win music at Anne Bradshaw's blog She has a rare signed DVD. Take a look!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is giving away a FREE Christmas DVD called Joy To The World.

Are you a scrapbooker or crafter? There are a few blogs holding a contest to win! Racelle's Writing Spot is having an awesome give away by The Original Scrapbox. Go there NOW! Queen of the Clan and Random-ish by Nichole are also blogs for this contest.

And if you have gotten this far in this l-o-n-g contest post, go over and bug James Dashner for me. Tell him what movies you've seen lately (he's wondering if anyone has seen 'The Road') and let him know you would be glad to send a review of those movies via private email. He'll LOVE it! :)
Or write about football and how wonderful the guys in charge are doing. He'll LOVE that too! :)
Maybe we should be nicer to James. Ok. For reals. Tell him how much you love (pick one or two) his books.


C.L. (Cindy) Beck, author said...

Thanks so much for posting my comment. You're a sweetheart! By the way, your header image is really cute ... an ornament on your tree?

Taffy said...

I went to Festival of Trees and took many, many pictures.
Cindy! You won Stephanie Blacks book. I need your address to mail it to you!

Rachelle said...

Thanks for entering the contest for the incredible products from The Original Scrapbox at my blog and helping a charity at the same time.
Cute blog!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Thanks for entering, Taffy. By the way, you actually have the picture of Dallyn Vail Bayles instead of George Dyer :-) Dallyn was last week.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thanks for posting my contests, Taffy! You're awesome!