Friday, November 6, 2009

Rewrite, Restart, Redo

I was reminded today that NaNo rules are that the participants start from scratch. I did last year and was amazed what came out of my brain with no thought given to the writing. I put on loud music and just let my fingers type. Usually, I write out my thoughts and story but for NaNo I just type. It was a very interesting process.

This year I had an idea and a few pages hand written so that is what I used for NaNo. I don't feel the freedom to just go without thinking because I already have a preconceived notion where the story and the characters are headed.

But today, today, I let guilt get me. I sat down and just let my fingers go. The first page was utter nonsense. Kinda like my brain was spring cleaning. Then the story started to flow. I have no idea where it came from, but now I have over 5000 words in two hours! WOWSERS!

So I am starting my word count over. The story is strange; not one I would have thought up by myself! The creativity is just flowing and I take absolutely no credit for it.

I feel like I am on a high or like I am free from any constraints. It's fun! It's invigorating! And exciting.
Here is a shout out to my NaNo buddies! The word count for my NaNo 'buddies' is AMAZING! Keep up the good work!
And for those who are working on other writing goals, You Rock!


Peggy said...

That's so exciting!! I am very happy for you. And a little bit jealous.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Great job! Keep with it and it will be better than you expected.