Monday, October 26, 2009

Writing Prompt

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I took a writing prompt via LDS Publisher.

Renn (person's name), Seattle, divorce, tire iron, 3 inches

"Renn! I need you!" her shrill voice shattered the peace that had prevailed for all of 5 minutes.
"Just a minute, Ma," he shouted back.
"I need you now!"
"I'm in the bathroom, Ma!"
"Fine. I could die here on the couch and no one would know. Die here watching that fat guy on 'Price is Right'. Why did they get him anyway? Where is Bob. I liked Bob so much better. He was nicer and..."
"What do you need?"
"Would you be a dear and get your mother a drink of root beer?" She handed the glass to him, ice clinking.
He held in the breath that wanted to escape as a groan. She had him over a rock and they both knew it.
Renn took the glass into the dirty kitchen, opened the door to the fridge and stifled another groan. The fridge stunk of rotten food. He looked at the butter, a bottle of root beer and a plate with water bologna on it.
"We need to go shopping," he said as he handed the glass back to her. He started to sit down.
"No, don't sit there. It blocks the sun."
Renn looked outside. It was a normal Seattle day: rainy, no sun. Shaking his head he lowered himself into the rocker.
"No there either. That thing will break under your weight. Grab a chair from the kitchen."
Instead, he stood. "We need to go food shopping."
She waved her hand at him. "After my shows."
"But your shows last all day."
"Right before dinner, we'll go." She sipped the root beer. She never took her eyes off the T.V. "I know I would win this show. I know every trick. But I don't want to go clear to their studio."
"Ma, I have a date tonight."
She looked at him. "So soon after your divorce? Are you crazy?"
"It's been two years."
"Where will you ever find another girl who will take care of you like I do?" She turned her eyes back to the T.V. "You can't go out tonight, we have to go food shopping."
"I haven't been on a date for two years!"
"Another day won't hurt."
"I have to get out."
She set her glass down on the floor and clutched her chest. "My poor heart can't take all of this abuse. Please, for me. I need you tonight. I can't be alone. Your dear father would never leave me alone on a rainy night like this." She watched out a shaky hand towards him. "Please."
Renn moved slowly toward the outstretched hand. "For you."
She tightened her gripped then released his hand. "Now, will you hang up that picture." She picked up her glass and took a long sip.
Lowering his head, he walked out to the garage.
A few minutes later Renn walked back in with a tire iron.
"What are you doing with that?" His mother asked, her eyes big.
"I've made a decision. I'm tired of you telling me what to do." He took a step closer. Her hand flew to her mouth. "You are a bully. I've had to learn to deal with bullies all my life." He took another step toward her, tire iron held high. She dropped her glass and it spilled its contents on the rug. "It stops now."
He abruptly turned, pulled a nail out of his pants pocket, drove it into the wall with the tire iron, leaving a 3" gash. He shoved the picture onto the nail and turned to his mother.
"Clean up your mess."


Kimi said...

Wow, you had me scared there for a minute! Nice job. Good writing!

Karlene said...

Cool. Like the way you set us up, then switched it.

Taffy said...

Thanks Ladies!