Monday, October 19, 2009


If any of you have noticed my WIP count in the side bar, the numbers are down.
Yup. I cut a bunch of scenes.
But! I have finished editing!
AND found I have not written an ending.
How did that happen?? (Will this nightmare called 'book' ever end?)
So in the next few weeks my #s should go up. Right?

This weekend I also wrote 3/4 of a short sci-fi story.
And yes. I do have an ending; they all live happily ever after :)


Peggy said...

Two things:

#1-- So does that mean I get to read it now?

#2-- What?! (I say this as I am choking) This WEEKEND you wrote most of a story? You totally put my weekend to shame. And I may have to hunt you down to read that one. I'm a sucker for happily ever after in sci-fi. :)

Cindy Beck said...

Ooo, are you going to post the story?

Or are you sending it off to Flash Fiction to see if it'll win? (If so, good luck. Hope you win!)