Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wings by Aprilynne Pike BOOK REVIEW

For her first book, Aprilynne has woven an intriguing tale of humans and fairies.

Laurel seems like your average teenager, except she's not. She has been homeschooled all her life until her family moves. Her mother insists she go to public school where she enters as a sophomore. Oh. And Laurel is beautiful and the cutest guy at school likes her.
Her fathers dream of owing and running a bookstore comes true and the family move about an hour away from the cabin Laurel grew up in. The cabin is surrounded by woods, which Laurel loves.
Laurel has little quirks like: eating only fruit or drinking Sprite. She likes to be outdoors, especially in the sun. She isn't bothered by cold weather. And she can hold her breath for like, 15 minutes.
Then she gets a bump on her back which she is sure is cancer.
Then the bump blossoms.
And now Laurel has a huge flower growing out of her back which almost looks like wings.
Who can she confide in? She doesn't want to become a science experiment. She turns to one person she wants to trust: the cute guy, David.
David is stunned but trusts Laurel and has to believe her when she shows him her back. He is amazingly supportive.
Laurel goes back to her cabin to find answers and mets Tamani who is like Laurel: a fairy. The area is protected by fairies because of the secret they know. You'll have to read the book to find out the secret...
At the same time her mother is trying to sell the cabin that has been in her family for years and her father is hospitalized for some unknown toxin.
Come to find out, there are also trolls living in the neighborhood. Bad guys.

This story was easy to read and the flowed right along. The characters were believable. The story was believable.
And I once again believe in fairies.

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