Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The Fablehaven series just keeps getting better!

I bought #4 hoping it would be a keeper like the other three and I wasn't disappointed.

In the magical world that Kendra and Seth, brother and sister, have been thrown into, there is an evil plot. A plot to open the great demon prison and destroy the earth! Wah hahaha (evil laughter)
Kendra, Seth, their grandparents (who are caretakers of Fablehaven) and others will try and stop the evil mastermind. But who is it? And how can they stop him/her?
Two hidden artifacts have been found. Three more remain uncovered. If all artifacts end up in the hands of the bad guys, the demon prison can be opened. Kendra learns of the location of the key to one of the artifacts and it is decided to move it to another location. But there are many obstacles in the way...and betrayal!

Every character we have come to know throughout the series has grown and matured, even Seth! :) Mr. Mull has given each character their own quirks, strengths and voice. The story flowed well and the descriptions of the magical places were just right.
The magical creatures Mr. Mull introduced were all believable (I love that one has a crush on Kendra), scary and unique.

There is plenty of laughs, tension, twists to keep this story moving right up to the end and the betrayal. (Personal prideful note: I guessed the person in book 3 but was thrown off by the personality in book 4 so didn't suspect!)
And once again, I LOVE the lessons taught throughout the book! Thank you, Brandon Mull, for teaching good life lessons!
And thank you for writing a clean book that I can recommend to any parent or YA without any trepidation!

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