Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Plan

"I have a plan. It will save every man."

Every plan does not work out for every person. I am sure my stake leaders are finding this out again the hard way. Every person is different. Every person acts or reacts to the same situation differently.
Our stake is going to Martin's Cove, Rocky Ridge and Rock Hollow on Trek not too long from now. It's been interesting to watch this process unfold as the youth have not only planned the trip out but are also the Ma's and Pa's.
I'm anxious to watch how each deals with heat, dirt, dust, blisters, sunburns and plain tiredness. (I have included myself in my anxious watching!)
I can't help each person in my Trek family overcome their obstacles nor should I, but I hope I am ready to give help in the form of encouragement and even more, spiritual strength.

"I have a plan. It is better for man. Each will have to decide what to be. In choosing I know, you'll learn and you'll grow."

There are plans for medical, food, pioneer and spiritual knowledge. But no plan except one is fool proof.

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Marja said...

That seems like a great challenge and a great plan, although my family would pass being highly sensitive but we know how to make our own plans and survive