Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Book Review

I bought this book because my husband's ancestors were with the first party through the Hole in the Rock with Trisit's great-grandmother!
This was a great historical novel about 'The Hole in the Rock' expedition.

Sarah William immigrates to Utah to join her sister, Mary Ann Perkins. Mary Ann and her husband Ben are members of the church; Sarah is not. The Perkins are asked to go to Southern Utah to blaze a trial to San Juan. Mary Ann asks Sarah to go with them and help with her children. The quick journey turns into hard, physical labor.
The trial is hard to traverse and much of it has to be blasted! Blasted through to make a 'Hole in the Rock'.

Along the way to San Juan, Sarah gains a testimony of the gospel and joins to the church.

After the Perkins are settled in a cabin Mary Ann's husband builds, he surprises Sarah by asking him to be his second wife. Both sisters are shocked and have to work through their feelings and faith to come to terms with polygamy.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Thanks, Taffy! I'm glad you enjoyed the book.