Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Movie Previews WARNING

When is it appropriate to show previews of rated 'R' movies before 'PG13' movies? Apparently if the movie business is marketing to teens.

The first preview that is shown before the "Twilight" is called... I don't want to give the movie any free publicity but it is rated 'R' and it is SCARY!! It is about a girl who had a twin brother. You'll know the preview when a little boy hits the babysitter hard in the face with a book or something.

The young teenagers I was with all screamed during the preview and talked about how scary it was at least 3-4 that night. Many wished they would have covered their eyes. It did lead to a good discussion on the topic of why the prophets counsel us not to watch rated 'R' shows and being careful with 'PG13' movies as well. The images that are in the girls heads from the preview left an lasting impression. A few even voiced concerns about having nightmares.

If you are taking a young teenager BEWARE! I don't know how to avoid the previews except to get to the movie late or cover your eyes. We saw 5 previews before "Twilight" started. 3 of the 5 are rated 'R' movies! It's getting harder to protect ourselves and our children. I am going to talk to the manager of our theater. I would urge everyone with young teens to talk to the managers of theaters about the previews. It may not change Hollywood, but it we can change our neighborhoods!

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