Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Book

Today is Random Book Day. 

I randomly pick a passage or quote from a book I am reading.  And you try and guess the book!

'Her mother was sorting through her things.  She held up a set iridescent quetzel feathers. "Wear these in your hair with your turquoise and red tunic.  Wrap it tightly so your figure shows."

Raquel opened her mouth but was too surprised at her mother's words to answer.  Her mother wanted her to impress the king!  Raquel looked at her mother's face.  Itzel wore a tight, pinched look---very task-oriented.  She showed no emotion in preparing her daughter for this event.  It was simply a duty.

Angle flamed in Raquel's chest; she felt betrayed.  Her parents feared the invitation from the king, and now her mother seemed to accept it---embrace it even.  That meant that her father had ordered it so.  Hopelessness descended on her as her mother started combing through Raquels' tangles.  Soon her hair would shine like cooper.  Suddenly she had the urge to run from the room and cut off all her hair.  Surely the king would lose his interest then.'

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