Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Review

"Dollmage" by Martine Leavitt

My DD and I loved "Keturah and Lord Death" by this same author.  Her storytelling draws you into the story and keeps you there, rooting for the hero only for the story to take a different path.

"Dollmage" is no different. Strictly fantasy, this story is about the storyteller of the village, the Dollmage.  She is growing old and must have a successor.  She predicts that on a certain day, the new dollmage will be born.  And on that day, four children are born: two girls and two boys. She picks one girl over the other because of her pride has been hurt.  
The dollmage gives dolls that will bring comfort, peace, and tell of future promises.

As in any village, there are certain laws and expectations.  This village is no different.  Promises are kept and very rarely broken because it is punishable by death.  But who is to say that a promise given because another is extorted is a promise?

The dollmage's story was hard to hear: her pettiness and pride and the ripple effect they have on the entire village.

Interesting story.  I would recommend this book for old teens.


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