Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quirkiness & Superstitions

I've always heard that athletes have superstitions. Watch almost any sports movie or ask any sports dude and dudette and you'll find out they have superstitions too. Go ahead and ask someone. I'll keep typing this post until you come back.

In the meantime, here are a few superstars who boast of superstitions:

Tiger Woods has a habit of always wearing red on Sundays of tournaments.
Michael Jordan wore a pair of his UNC shorts underneath his Bulls’ shorts to channel his success in college.
On the night before a game, Jason Terry (a Maverick) wears a pair of his future opponent’s shorts to bed.

Sports people aren't the only ones with quirks. Here is a list of a few author rituals:

  • Each manuscript must have it's own writing spot.
  • No chapter can have thirteen pages.
  • No eating sweets while writing about the villain because sweetness might rub off on him/her.
  • Wiggling fingers while a query or manuscript email takes off through cyberspace helps the email fly straight to the agents "gotta have" pile.
  • Some writers use only pens for the rough draft.
  • Unusual attire while writing.
  • Totems, dolls or other mythical muses sit nearby the author.
  • A few writers authors every single day. Even if it's only one sentence.
My latest WIP requires me to listen to The Cure. For some reason my main character is willing to tell me her story while that group, or similar ones like Echo & The Bunnymen and New Order, are blasting in the background.

Have you talk to someone about their superstitions? What did they say? 
Do you have certain rituals you perform while writing? 


    Miranda Hardy said...

    Interesting post. I suppose it's easy to fall into a routine, but I can't say I do any one specific thing all the time. I'll have to think about this a little.

    Peggy Eddleman said...

    Those are some crazy rituals! And a little not crazy. Having a different spot for writing each book actually makes sense! If I always went to the same spot for a particular book, it'd probably get me in the mindset for that book pretty quickly. I think I may have to try that!

    Yamile said...

    I have so many superstitions too! And I love sports' superstitions especially ;-)

    Julie Daines said...

    I don't know if what I have are superstitions or OCD issues. I can't write if my bed isn't made. I can't write if my desk is messy. My creative juices flow better on stormy days than sunny days. I use a different Scrivener "compile" background for all my novels, to get me into that novels frame of mind. And yes, I do have an action figure of Jane Austen on my desk.

    Taffy said...

    I think we all get in a routine too, Miranda. Habits form. Rituals begin. For me, like Peggy said, I like to try different locations or music for each story I write.
    Yamile! Do you like fotball superstitions?? :)
    And Julie! I too have a Jane Austen action figure! My dear friend gave her as my muse.