Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Review

The Duke of Kielder strikes fear in any man and respect from a distance. Having no heir, he must leave his estate to someone he believes is an idiot. But the Duke's scarred face also makes him believe he will never marry. The Duke bribes a poor family with an obscene amount of money to secure the hand of a daughter, who accepts on behalf of her family.  So the Duke's problems are over, right? 
He thinks because the girl comes from a poor family that she is ugly. But his first glimpse of Persephone on their wedding day is opposite and now he is not sure his plan is right.
He hasn't counted on his bride being kind, gentle, loving and unmoved by his scars. Ms. Eden has painted a rich picture of love, trust and respect on the background of a Regency Romance. The characters are likable and I found myself silently urging the Duke to change his ways (can you say Darcy?). Persephone was easy to like and as was her younger sister. Very enjoyable summer read!

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