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Utah Book Month with Sharks, Pebbles and Julie Daines

When I first started writing, I thought I was hot writerly stuff. I was sure my writing was pretty awesome and perfect coming out of my head. My writing was so good, agents would be fighting to hand over million dollar checks and movie deals. A friend offered to read a chapter and give advice. I happily handed over my words, knowing she too would be astonished. She kindly read. She smiled. She asked, "What's the dog's breed? Or name?" I jokingly replied, "Can't you read my mind?" Yeah. My baby story was not ready to join the real world. I was not as good as I thought. Now what? I wasn't sure where to turn now. League of Utah Writers happened to have a writer's conference that weekend that I attended. Josi Kilpack spoke about her critique and how many books they had published between them (25?) and that is when I knew I needed a critique group. I wanted to be a better writer. I needed a few fresh pairs of eyes on my writing. I hoped I could find…

Utah Book Month~ Author Spotlight Ilima Todd!

I'd like to thank Ilima for doing this spotlight today! I hope you enjoy learning more about her and where she writes.

I’m super spoiled. I have a writing room in my house, and I’ve used it for years. It’s difficult for me to write anywhere else now. It has a door that I can shut and be at peace AND it’s tucked away on one side of the house far from the hustle and bustle of the family. Still, because I homeschool half of my kids and am a full-time mom at home, I usually don’t get to writing until the wee hours of the night. When that time comes, this is where the magic happens. J
I was quite crafty at one point in my life (way before becoming a writer), and you can see some of that in my writing space. I painted and glazed the walls, cut-sanded-painted the giant clock in the corner, made a wreath out of Harry Potter pages, and even decoupaged Pride and Prejudice pages onto my desktop. You can’t see it in this pic, but I have quotes on the wall from Firefly and Battlestar Galactica (…

Utah Book Month ~ Pleasant Grove Library Spotlight!

I love our local library and the wonderful librarians who run the show. They run programs such as: Preschool Story Time, After School Activity Program (A.S.A.P.),  Book Bash for Boys, Great Reads for Girls, Spanish Story Time, Music and Movement and Professional Writers Series, to name a few. There are computers, a literacy center, Playaways and of course, books.
A new library director, Sherri Birtch,  was hired earlier this year and she has made some changes that have given the library a facelift. It's been fun getting to new her.
My son made this video commercial for the library. Take a look and come visit us soon!


"It's thoroughly researched, expertly crafted, and it will sweep you off your feet with its beauty." -UCW 

When sickness swept through Bronwen’s family, it took the life of her father, brother, and sister, and left her permanently crippled. On the stormy eve of her sixteenth birthday, a faerie-witch gifts her a pair of enchanted shoes. Bronwen slips them on and is healed--but only when the shoes are on her feet. Her grace and beauty catches the eye of the king’s son--Urien, a handsome young man who prides himself on having everything perfect. 

When Rhys, an old acquaintance and Captain of the Guard, recognizes Bronwen, he threatens to tell Urien her secret. Desperate to keep her deformity hidden and not to lose the love of handsome Urien, Bronwen quickly finds herself tangled in a web of lies and deceit. After all, she can't wear the shoes forever.

This story has so much to offer: folklore, romance and magical shoes. What girl can pass up magical shoes? Not poor, crippl…

Playlist cont. Imagine Dragons- Monster

I'm not sure Imagine Dragons has an official video for this song.


Ever since I could remember,
Everything inside of me,
Just wanted to fit in (oh oh oh oh)
I was never one for pretenders,
Everything I tried to be,
Just wouldn't settle in (oh oh oh oh)

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
That this problem lies in me

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.

Can I clear my conscience,
If I'm different from the rest,
Do I have to run and hide? (oh oh oh oh)
I never said that I want this,
This burden came to me,
And it's made its home inside (oh oh oh oh)

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scar…

Foto Friday ~ The soul should be ready