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Foto Friday

Love this "self-published" blurb! What can you come up with? (Click on the pic to make it bigger.)

Platform 9 3/4, please!

Love this!
From King's Cross Station

Platform 9 3/4
Kings Cross Station is the departure point for students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, of which it’s most famous student, Harry Potter, attends. The Hogwarts Express departs from Platform 9 3/4’s in September.  Unfortunately, Muggles can only use platform’s 9 and 10.
Interestingly, platforms 9 and 10 at Kings Cross Station are not adjacent to one another, so they don;t have an adjoining wall separating them, instead it’s the railway line separating them. When J K Rowling was quizzed about why she choose platform 9 and 10 in Kings Cross Station, she said that she was thinking of Euston Station instead and mixed them up. However, Euston Station has the same problem, and railway track between the two platforms.
To overcome the numbering problem, platforms 4 & 5 were renumbered in Kings Cross Station during shooting of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.
Kings Cross is also the title of the chapter 35…

His Sacred Name: An Easter Declaration


12 1/2 Writing Rules

I like #6 and #12 1/2... What about you??

(I borrowed this from Nicole Z)

Foto Friday

Who is she?
What or who is she looking for?

The Crazy Daze of Motherhood by Jane Isfeld Still BLOG TOUR & PRIZES

Product DescriptionA mother's day is filled with all kinds of emergencies, from bumps and bruises to hospital stays. Find the perfect way to recover from your own family's little emergencies with Jane Isfeld Still's latest book on the hilarious daily challenges of a mother in the fray. You're sure to laugh and cry as you celebrate the joys of motherhood.
From the Back CoverJane is married to Rick Still, who she believes has the distinction of being the only man in history brave enough to give her earwax candles for her birthday. They had six children in eight years, and while her children were growing up, she discovered she had a great sense of humor. At least that was her take. Rick once said to her, "Honey, you know all those real corny things you say all the time? Who ever thought you could make money at it?" Her son Adam once told her, "Mom could you please stop telling jokes to my friends? It's really embarrassing." One of …

Depth of Deceit by Betty Briggs TOUR & GIVEAWAY!

Here is the backliner information for the book: 

Blonde and beautiful, fledgling attorney Stephanie Saunders vows to protect the innocent even though as indigent defense attorney her clients rarely are.  Does that include Josh Durrant who seems to be following her? Stephanie is dismayed when her peers begin calling her “Prom Queen” as her boyfriend, Todd Saxton, often does. Desperately trying to prove her worth, she falls prey to those who steal her innocence.  Although she plans to forgive Todd for his ultimate betrayal, she is never given the chance. Her boss, Attorney Charles Connelly, offers solace, but is Stephanie’s welfare, or his own, top priority? The only thing that keeps Stephanie sane in her insane world are the horses she loves but does not own, especially the abused mare, Riskie Business, whose example helps Stephanie make the most difficult decision of her life. …

Foto Friday

SPRING!  I couldn't help posting this; isn't it beautiful?

Great Writing Quote

"If you're going to be a writer, the first essential
is just to write. Do not wait for an idea. Start
writing something and the ideas will come. You have
to turn the faucet on before the water starts to flow."

~ Louis L'Amour

What? A Saturday Post?

I know! I usually don't post on Saturday. I thought with so many friends sending out query letters, and a few recieving rejections, this was a great post on expectations:

Plan B: What's To Be Expected After Getting Rejected 
From Flaubert's Pyramid

A couple of quotes I thought were noteworthy:

" is always good to look at rejection letters with a fair bit of suspicion.  Because they are incapable of telling the whole story, and the part they tell isn't always completely accurate, trying to discern your next course of action from them is often a fool's errand. "

"If an editor/agent takes the time to write you a long rejection letter (more than two or three paragraphs with several long sentences each) and lets you know specifically what the dealbreakers were for them, take those criticisms to heart.  You may not realize it, because you were preoccupied with all the nasty and dismissive things they were saying about the work of art you painsta…

Fun Foto Friday

Would you love this bed? Cute!

Then you turn the page...

And play!

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