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Goals and Whatnot

I set a few goals this month. I just knew I could accomplish all of them.
Then I got sick and stayed in bed a few days. I didn't even want to read.
But then I got better. So I got working on my goals again.
Then I got sick again.
Today I'm feeling the stress of not getting my goals done.
Should I feel badly?
I'm trying not to. I think I bit off more than I can handle. It's a lesson I need to learn.
And really, my unfinished goals won't break me or hurt me or anything like that.
It's all good.
I need to get back to editing my WIP. That is a goal I plan on finishing this year!
I have to admit I love the rush of finished my goals.

How about you? How are you coming along with your goals? And how was your Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving!



It's blog tour time for Whitney Nominee
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We're excited because we've got some fabulous reviewers on board,
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November 22
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BUMPY LANDINGS Book Trailer & Contest

Don Carey, author of Bumpy Landings, is holding a contest on his website. I just had to show the book trailer. Isn't it cute? Love the use of Legos!

WINNERS of Gratitude Giveaway!


Adelina Priddis who loves turkey and won OUTLIVE YOUR LIFE!
Wall-to-wall Books who loves stuffing and won RISE UP AND SING!

Thank you to those who entered!


May The Writing Be With You on Foto Friday

What is her name again?? (What would you name her? What is her story?)

Writerly Advice-Brandon Mull

Write what you know.
Write what you love.
Write what you love to read.

Gratitude Giveaway!

I want to thank all the followers of this blog!
You. Are. Awesome.

Thanks for your time and comments. I really appreciate your insights and ideas.
You. Are. Awesome.

I'm part of a blog hop/giveaway thanks to I'm A Reader, Not A Writer.
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Rise Up and Sing by Lex Buckley

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Outlive Your Live by Max Lucado
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Back to NaNo??

I was gone over the weekend. Girls only weekend.

I left the laptop with hubby so he could do his homework. (He's working on his MBA online.)
So I took a legal pad and a few pens with me in case I have time to write in between talking, gut-bursting laughter and nummy food. I also took a couple of Christmas books to read for a review.

I surprised myself by writing SIX pages, front and back! So like 12 pages on legal sized paper. Whoopie! Most of what I wrote was based on Josi Kilpack's character sheets. I feel like I know my characters very well now. Plus Storyfix suggested stepping back and writing out bullets of my story. I only got a half page on that because I'm not an outliner especially when it comes to NaNo.

How are you all doing with your writing?
If you're doing NaNo, how's your story coming along?

AND! Do you have a favorite Christmas I can read and review?? I'm stuck. Maybe I'll just read Dickens again...

Foto Friday

Here is an interesting object I walked by the other day. I couldn't help but take a picture with my phone.
So many funny captions/ideas/stories were running through my head I almost forgot I was out doing something as mundane as exercising.

I realize many people are cleaning for the holidays, but this is going a little too far, don't ya think? heehee

What caption would you give this photo??

Foto Friday & May The Writing Be With You!

Does your character live here or visit? 
Is this place magical or just plain cold?

In Honor of Our Veterns and Military


LUW-Heather Moore 2-Query & NY Times Advice

Advice from NY Times:
No background on first page.
No scenic descriptions.
Start at the moment where something major happens.
End chapters with a cliffhanger.

Readers want to be caught up in drama.
Readers want to be entertained.
Readers dont' want to be told or lectured.

Writer must find balance between exposition, which is slowest to a car chase, which is fastest.

Finding An Agent:
Writers DO need an agent even if they find a publisher first.
Agents help negotiate.

Mailing Query Letter:
To gain interest of an editor or agent.
Standard submission package should include:
One-page synopsis
Sample page of writing
Unless on publishers website it is stated differently.

Emailing Query:
Put "query" in heading
Keep letter professional
Use standard letter
Proofread before emailing!
Research agent & agency
Find out recent sales, client list, etc
Should have no reading fees
Junior or new agents are awesome!

Have you sent a query letter out recently? How did it go?

What's Your NaNo Stat?

What's your numbers? 25225 which is about 50% done!!
How is everyone doing today?
I did well Monday-Friday then had a busy weekend. I didn't get to NaNo today either. I might not even tonight because a hot bath and flannel sheets sound good to me right now.
Were you able to get tons of words typed over the weekend?
*sigh* no. But I am happy about getting ahead last week.

LUW-Heather Moore- Show Don't Tell

Show, Don't Tell
Showing-Creating scenes
Describe actions of character
Reveling character through dialogue
Use five senses

Using "were" and "was" a lot means your are telling , not showing.

Don't begin book with lengthy description.
Make setting scene short.

When beginning a book, use dialogue, action or thought.

When you read, what do you skim?  Cut out what you skim.
What description is necessary and interesting?
How can you make it so?
What description ups the ante of the conflict?

There are three hooks:
First Sentence/first paragraph- How will you make the reader turn the page?
End of chapter-Why should the reader read the next chapter?
Overall hook-Why should the reader finish the book?

Is show don't tell hard for you?
What do you feel is your writing weakness?

Foto Friday


What Is Your Genre?

Do you have one genre you write in? I have, let me think, sci-fi, historical romance, YA, dystopian, and uh, I think I'll end there.

What is genre?
It is literary technique, tone, content, length etc.
Fiction is the hardest genre to break into.
Realism-Plausible story about people and events that could really happen. Romance, thriller, historical, sports all fit under realism.Fantasy-Fantastical elements in traditional or modern fantasy. Traditional fantasy follows the quest. Modern fantasy has elements of magic in the human world. Horror and sci/fi are sub genres of modern fantasy.Elements in Fiction:
Plot-Plot is the backbone of the story. In fiction plot is the action that grows out of conflict.
Conflict-is the obstacle, the problem
Initial Conflict-First event that starts the quest, the hook. Only needs one page (sometimes a chapter) to establish. It creates the next cause & effect (conflict) then moves the character to the next conflict. Initial conflict will predict …

LUW-Dialogue-Julie Wright

Emotion in Dialogue:

Readers want an emotional pay off.
You are promising your readers an emotional experience.  Don't cheat them with unearned emotions like starting a book with a dream.

Use emotion when you are showing motivation and catalyst.

Get reader emotionally invested:
Make emotions credible.Evoke some sort of emotional response.Emotions can be present anywhere in plot.Emotions are especially important:
 Introducing and maintaining a characters motivation.Creating a catalyst for a story's turning point.Showing characters growth. Use the five senses. image

LUW-Dialogue-Julie Wright


The dialogue must:
Move plot forward
Reveal characters
Set the tone
Alter relationships
Can provide the back story

The dialogue must do at least one of the above or you should take it out.
Do not info dump in dialogue.
Don't need names in dialogue.

Watch out for adverbs.
Use "said" in tag lines.

Make your dialogue real.
Use action with dialogue.

Who is your character?
How do they speak? Can you "hear" the gender, area they grew up, job held, etc through speech?
What do they want?
How does it cause conflict?

What is your writing strength? Is it dialogue? image

WINNER of Spooktacular!

Congrats to AUTUMN on winning "The Skin Map!"

Autumn said:
"One of my new favorites is Horns by Joe Hill!"

Thanks to everyone who came by my blog this week and especially to those who are new followers!
I might be doing another giveaway in November, so check back often.
And a big shout out and THANKS to I'm A Reader, Not A Writer for hosting another great giveaway.

LUW-Hero's Journey-Annette Lyon

Now we are going on the journey:

Refusal of the call
Hero refuses because of fear or other excuses.
Threshold Guardians can prevent the hero from going also.
The mentor gives the hero a kick in the pants
I.E. Dursley destroys Harry's letters

Meeting With the Mentor
This meeting usually (but not always) takes place before the hero commits.
This gets the story moving and provides the hero with training and/or helpful object for quest.
I.E. Gandolf give Frodo ring w/ instructions on how to destroy it.

Crossing the First Threshold
This is the point of no return, leaving the ordinary world behind and entering the new world
Shows hero's commitment to the quest.
With the reluctant hero the quest is pushed on him.
Guardian often appears.
I.E. Frodo and Sam leave the Shire; Dorothy lands in Oz

Tests, Allies and Enemies
Hero adjusts to new world.
S/He is tested in many, progressively harder ways.
The hero meets people along the way and must determine if they are enemies or allies.
Gets a si…