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New Year Quote

"People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas." ~Unknown

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Christmas at Arlington National Cemetery

Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and farewell...

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Cheer!


What was your favorite book PUBLISHED in 2009?

I got the idea for this post from Nathan Bransford post(warning: if you look at his post, your 'to be read' list will grow):

This year has sped by incredibly fast-And I didn't get enough reading done.
I looked at my goodreads (become my friend!) shelf to see how many books I read this year.
Looking at my lists, I wondered how many I had read that were published in 2009.
Only 14.

So, here's a question: How many books did you read that were published in 2009?

Another question: What was your favorite??

The West Beckons

I won 3rd place in Poetry in the Oquirrh Writers Contest.

Here is the piece I entered:

The West! The cry echoed Off mountains And meadows And streamsThe West! Came the shout From thunder And lightening And godsThe West! The wind whispered As thousands poured Through the rocky gates Full of dreams

Contests and Freebies

Mary's Great House is giving away a Great book on her blog. Family Record Keeper looks like a great way to keep everything together!

C.L. Beck is giving away a signed 2010 Greg Olson calendar!
Michele Ashman Bell is giving away three great books this week. Go take a peek and leave a comment.
Queen of the Clan is giving away "Missing" by Rhonda Hinrichsen.

My Musical Advent Calendar blog has music and videos plus a prize.
A contest everyday until Christmas on LDS Women's Book Review.

You can win music at Anne Bradshaw's blog She has a rare signed DVD. Take a look!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is giving away a FREE Christmas DVD called Joy To The World.

Are you a scrapbooker or crafter? There are a few blogs holding a contest to win! Racelle's Writing Spot is having an awesome give away by The Original Scrapbox. Go there NOW! Queen of the Clan and Random-ish by Nichole are also blogs for this contest.

And if you have gotten this far in this l-o-n-g c…

Foto Friday (posted on Sunday)

Folder 6Foto 12
What can you write about a sleeping child?

Pep Talk

This email I got from NaNo is long but worth reading:Dear Writer,Writing is the easiest thing in the world. Anyone can do it. It's like hitting a tennis ballagainst a wall. It's like swimming. Anyone can learn. You don't have to be the best. Youdon't need to compete in anything. On the other hand, you may aspire to be a celebratedstar.Like swimming, like playing tennis, there are people writing at all levels. If you just wantto amuse yourself writing the weekends, just keep on keeping on. If you want to bash outa novel, you need no more advice than to keep on keeping on.But if you dream of making something original and beautiful and true, if you imagine seeing your book reviewed, or in the window of a book store, you're in the same position as the ambitious swimmer—you've got a lot of training to do, a lot of muscles to build, a lot of habits to start establishing right now, today.If you know what these good writing habits are, there's nothing more I can gi…

Contests Around the Net

Want to win something everyday this week? Try Heather Justesen's blog. She's got books, vinyl lettering and cake!

Heather has a trailer for her book: The Ball's in Her Court

Win Baskin Robbins gift certificates on C.L. Beck's blog.

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Cindy Beck! You're the next winner on Taffy's Candy!
Congrats on winning the 'can't put it down' book by Stephanie Black.
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